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Frequently Asked Questions

For Sign-up and service booking

Q : How to book Quick on road assistance?

A : Provide all vehicle details after selection and explanation of your problem. Submit your requirements and we will review your location and data. Provide you nearest service center and revert with your details. You can then add Quotation to cart and finish booking in application/website.
You can also book Roadside assistance over phone. Just call on +917622003123.

Q : All Roadside assistance plan details and are they present all over India?

A : Most of our plan can avail all over India. But we also have plan city wise also. Plans can be selected as per their validity.

Q : Location in which Turnile Provide Services?

A : We are providing Roadside assistance all over India (in more than 550 cities, highways and small towns). Accessories and spares delivery also available across India. Other service available in Chandigarh Tricity areas and will soon be available in other locations.

Q : To place an order what details I need to provide?

A : You must have to provide your Bike/Car Company, model, fuel type, manufacturing year, type of service, date of booking,your location and your mobile number to place an order.

Q :How can I pay for placing an order?

A :To pay online, we have two payment option.You can pay either online or through cash on delivery. You can choose one of those.

Q :Can I know about all service provided by Turnmile?

A : We provide online booking for scheduled servicing, custom vehicle modifications, repairs, roadside assistance, shop for bike/car Insurance Renewal. Apart from this we also provide info about fuel bunks.

Q : Can it be possible to change service provider after booking confirmation? If yes, what is the procedure?

A : Yes you can. You can make call to our customer care but you can only change the service provider before 5 pm on the day prior to your scheduled order date.

Q : After placing an order can I edit any booking details?

A : Yes you can. You can make call to our customer Care but you can only change the service provider before 5 pm on the day prior to your scheduled order date or you can write to us on

Q : How I can do first time login?

A : On clicking “Sign In”, after that click on “New User”. You can signup by entering your mobile number and creating a password. You can also login/signup using facebook or google.After Sign in, provide all details related to your vehicle for better experience.

Q : To login again what is my user-id and password?

A : Your user-id is the google or facebook mail id or mobile number using which you have registered and password is the one you have created during sign up. If you haven’t registered then use login id and password share to your mobile number after placing your first order. You can use them to sign-in to track your order.

Q : What is the procedure for new password if i forget my login password?

A : Click on forgot password. An OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number. Enter it and reset your password.

Q : If I want to change my mobile number, can I change it in my account?

A : You select an option to update your mobile number in “My Profile”. You can update your mobile number.Verify your number by OTP.

Q : I need to give my details like gender and DOB for signup, why?

A : Your account details is your identity for us. So we collect these details to maintain user specific accounts. We ensure you that these details are kept confidential and not shared with anyone. We can also use your age and gender details to greet you accordingly when our executives give you a call. You can read terms & conditions for more info on privacy of your information.

Q : If I need to avail pickup and delivery of bike/car. How can I do it?

A : During booking of service select pickup & drop option, after booking your bike/car will be picked up by our drivers, from your mentioned address in the profile and once service is done, it will be delivered at your doorstep.

Q : Booking option available for 24X7?

A : Yes, You can book service on any day any time.We will serve you for schedule services, repairs, custom modifications on in day time, but you can get breakdown assistance at any time. You cannot book the service for the same hour or next 2 hours. Minimum 3 hours gap required after booking.

Q : Is Pickup and drop service mandatory?

A : No. You can choose doorstep service and self drive options also.

Q : Is it possible to have different address for pick up and drop?

A : Yes option available during booking.

Q : If my vehicle not able to move on road / under breakdown, What should I do?

A : You can select breakdown assistance and book service, Turnmile provide expert at your vehicle. Otherwise you can call our customer care also for booking.

Q : Do you have doorstep service?

A :Yes option available, you can choose option during booking.

Q : What do you mean by Doorstep Services?

A: Turnmile provides the facility to customer to work/serve on your vehicle in front of you at your location. Turnmile technician comes to your home or office for service, repair your vehicle.

Q : If my vehicle meets with a problem during the time of transit what should I do?

A : In case of any miss -happening/accident during transit, we will not be responsible. However we may help you out in the Insurance recovery in case of any such situations.

Q : What required from my end at the time of bike/car pickup?

A : We require the following documents :
1. Vehicle Registration Certificate
2. Valid Insurance Certificate (personal+3rd party insurance preferred).

Charges for Services and Payments

Q : is there any charges for pickup and delivery?

A : Yes, it depends upon your location and type of vehicle.

Q : Is online booking charges more than the actual service provider charges?

A : No. We are using our genuine and high quality spares/filters/consumables so if you are concern about Quality service of your vehicle. We are the best in our segment.
You may get cheap service from many service stations but remember we have our own packages and we are using best quality spares/filters/consumables for services and repairs . So if you got a person offer cheap servivce to you . Be Aware and ask yourself that Do you know who they are ? and how much concern about Quality and warranty.

Q : What are the ways to make the payment?

A : It depend on your wish, you have to chose to pay online for all types services packages, you have to pay after confirmation of booking. For products you can pay as COD also.

Q : Is online transaction safe or not?

A : Yes, we have safe transaction. Your bank information totally secure during the time of transaction.

Cancellation / Rescheduling

Q : Is it possible to cancel a service?

A : Yes, You can cancel the service by calling our customer care executive. Please note that the cancellation should be before 5 pm on the day prior to your scheduled order date. If the cancellation is done on the day of the service, a fixed cancellation fee will be charged by Turnmile.

Q : Is it possible to reschedule a service? If yes, what is the procedure?

A : Yes you can, But you have to reschedule it before 5 pm on the day prior to the scheduled order date. If you want to reshedule it because you are not present at service center at described time. You can talk to our service centers and can service your vehicle by deciding convenient time slots per your and service center.

Service Center related queries

Q : Is Turnmile responsible for the service quality?

A : No. Its service centers providers who are completely to deliver best services.We collect your valuable feedback form and follow up with the service centers accordingly.

Q : How can I trust the services provide by Turnmile service center?

A : Yes, you can. We only work with the High Quality service providers.

Q : If service center has a holiday on a particular day, how I will come to know?

A : No, need to take care about that because we provide you service center as per your need.

Q : Is there any notification I received regarding my order status?

A : Yes. We notify you through sms/mail at each stage of processing your order.

Referral related Queries

Q : What offer going on for referral?

A : Flat Rs. 100 off on your service order by referring/getting referred by your friends to sign up for Turnmile.

Q : procedure for friend referral?

A : In your “My Profile” page. You can see your referral friend option, URL link. Send the link to your friends. If your friend sign up using the URL provided by you and place an order. You will eligible for coupon code to use on further orders.

Q : How can I use referral URL?

A :After receiving a referral URL from a friend, signup using the URL. You will get your discount coupon through mail.

Q :I did not receive any coupon code after successful referral and the friend got registered with Turnmile.Why?

A : You only get discount coupon when your friend places the first order.

Q : I did not receive any coupon code after a successful referral and the friend placed his first order.Why?

A : You only get the referral coupon if your friend registered with the referral URL provided by you. In case, your friend did not sign up using the URL given by you, than both will not get any discount coupons.

Q :Is referral discount offer available on Cash on Delivery also?

A : No. This offer only applicable for online payment.

Q :Coupon code using after referral is unique or can be used for other service?

A : Turnmile offers have a unique coupon code which will be sent to your mail.You cannot use same code again.

Q :During booking how many coupons may use?

A :Only one referral code on one order allow for user.

Q :How much billing amount required to avail this offer?

A : There is no limit in order amount to use this offer.

Q : How much friends I Can add with my referral URL?

A : There is no limit for referral.

Q :What is the validity of discount coupon code?

A :Coupon valid for 3 months and Turnmile also reserves the rights to terminate this offer without any notice.

Queries related to schedule general servicing and modification

Q :is there any live tracking of work?

A :All notification send to you by sms/mail, start after booking confirmation to vehicle delivery.Complete process will be track by Turnmile.

Q :Prices on website for the service or product are final?

A : No, price on website are minimum price and may be vary after complete the servicing. So you get your final prices after work completion and before dispatch of your vehicle.

Q : When will I get my final prices?

A :you get your final prices after work completion and ready to deliver.

Q :Is there any extra/additional work perform other than servicing?

A :Yes, if something found wrong in vehicle than our expert find out the issue and close it, but all these work starts after taking you in confidence.

Q : Will you charge additional money for these extra repairs work?

A : Yes, we will. But all addition work starts after getting confirmation from you.

Q :Can I get my vehicle back after scheduled service by same day?

A :In case of Bikes, it is possible to do same day drop but make sure that booking must be done before 10 AM. And for car it will take 1 day time for urgent drop.

Q :can i get the same day delivery if my vehicle not able to start or under breakdown?

A : We will try our best to do same day delivery for your vehicle. But it all depends on the condition of your vehicle and part availability.

Q :After completion of service can i postpone the delivery time?

A : Yes. You can make call to our customer care but you can only change the service provider before 5 pm on the day prior to your scheduled order date.

Q :Can I select service center myself for service?

A : Yes. Option available on website and you can select service center by own.

Q :What are payment option for schedule general service?

A :There are two option, you can chose online payment, you have to select pay now option after booking confirmation, else, you can pay final amount through COD to our service center. Note that final price may be different than Turnmile package so that amount afterservice will also pay by URL or COD to service Center.

Q :What are payment option for Modification service?

A :Same two option available for modification, you can chose online payment, you have to select pay now option after booking confirmation, else, you can pay through COD to our executive orservice center. In modification, payment amount need to pay in two installment that is when you accept quotation you have to pay 50% of quote and other amount with additional charges need to pay after completion of your modification.

Queries related to post servicing

Q :If any issue comes after servicing? What should I do? Whom should I contact?

A :Turnmile provide 1 month warranty on labour work only and spare part cost depend upon manufacturer guidelines only. If issue comes after one month, Turnmile not responsible for that. Than you have to book repair service from repair option.

Queries related to product

Q :Can I get my product by same day of booking?

A :Yes you can, but booking should be done before 5pm.

Q :Is there any possibility to return product if not fulfill requirement?

A : No, we do not have return policy.

Q : Can I cancel my order?

A :Yes you can. You can make call to our customer care but you can only change the service provider before 5 pm on the day prior to your booking.

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